What We Look For

Passion for Social Impact

We look for individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of people at the BOP. We seek in our people the ability to use their business training and experience to create positive impacts at the BOP and across the Focus Sectors we work in.

Creative Problem Solving

In our work at Intellecap, we are faced with challenging, often ambiguous problems. They often demand creative, innovative and disruptive thinking and approaches. We therefore always look for individuals who have strong analytical abilities and the ability to think creatively and flexibly when confronted with complex, multi-dimensional business and social challenges.


We work in a constantly evolving social and business environment. As a result, we look for people who enjoy recalibrating accepted definitions and assumptions, show open-mindedness to change and are proficient in learning new skills and adapting to new situations.

Leadership and Teamwork

We foster a professional culture that allows and encourages people to assume leadership roles and responsibilities early in their careers, in a highly collaborative way. We look for people who work well in teams and are able to facilitate problem-solving while collaborating with multiple stakeholders. We especially value focused, confident individuals with the persistence, judgment and agility required to drive timely results.

Excellence in Execution

Delivering high quality of service and project execution for our Clients calls for high levels of energy, passion and dedication from our teams. We therefore seek individuals who can consistently deliver quality outputs, even under the pressure of short time lines, and who can grow to become trusted advisors to our Clients.

Shared Culture and Values

Intellecap has a highly entrepreneurial culture, and we are focused on building a highly successful global business. We conduct all our work and business activities in accordance with Five Corporate Principles and Four Corporate Values that we call our 'Four Firsts'. Each one of these values should be taken to be of utmost importance always and none must be sacrificed for another. We thus look for individuals who share our values and culture.

Application Process
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