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Intellecap Innovation Labs are designed to solve critical challenges that low-income and underserved communities face by leveraging the power of technology and innovation.

We conscientiously match emerging market challenges to the right technology solutions to ensure trickle-down of best-in-class innovations to those who need them the most.

We source these innovations from across the world, and embed them in real-world "labs" - that aggregate real customers, subject matter experts, and relevant partners. Each innovation is tested and refined in a real-world lab, and validated solutions are scaled up with right business models, right capital, and right partnerships.

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Case Studies

Pilot testing an innovative non-invasive eye screening system

Bosch developed a new non-invasive eye screening and detection system with a focus on peri-urban and rural India. Intellecap created a real-world lab for Bosch in partnership with Aravind eye care, and through pilot tests identified feasible market segments, developed a market outreach plan, and built business/operating models. We also supported commercialization by plugging-in other ecosystem players, and created a sales pipeline.

Identifying use cases for Airtel's innovative mobile money product rural India

Airtel launched a mobile money service in India called 'Airtel Money', and brought in Intellecap to identify use cases. We identified high value and high frequency transaction segments in rural India, determined pain points in transactions, developed product solutions, and explored operating models for rolling out mobile money services.

Commercialization of farmer information innovation mKrishi

TCS developed mKrishi, a mobile based innovative agri-information/ advisory service delivery platform that offers integrated services in local language to farmers on mobile phones. We identified a commercial roll-out strategy by validating target customer needs and preferences for the platform, and creating a microenterprise distribution model and partnership strategy for adoption at scale.

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Intellecap Advisory Services has been a pioneer in discovering, supporting, and scaling entrepreneurship-based solutions to challenges faced by 3 billion+ low-income and underserved communities across the developing world. Intellecap is now seeding a new initiative, an emerging markets innovation lab, to specifically focus on accelerating and scaling the impact of innovative products, technologies, services, and platforms. A distinct brand identity is required for this lab that can stand-out but is also integrated with the parent Intellecap brand. View Website