Our Work

Designing the outreach strategy for a mobile based agri information service

A leading global IT services provider developed a mobile application that offers personalized and integrated services in the local language to farmers in India on their mobile phones. Farmers in remote areas will be able to connect to their stakeholders, access agricultural inputs, and information on farming practices, market prices, weather, and other essentials for improving yields. The company sought assistance in developing an outreach strategy that would help it reach its target audience based on a commercially sustainable business model.

Intellecap's Approach

Intellecap assessed the current state of the Client's initiatives and suggested ways to improve its outreach programs. The team developed a business plan laying out the operating model that emphasised partnerships and set clear financial performance benchmarks for the initiative. A suitable monitoring and evaluation framework was also designed to track the progress of further pilot initiatives and scale-up plan.


Based on Intellecap's recommendations, the Client formed a partnership with a leading national commodity exchange to form a more commercially sustainable business model with greater outreach at the last mile. The partnership is currently undertaking pilots on the field prior to full commercial roll-out.

Photo credit: Kaze Matsukawa