Our Work

Exploring an enabling policy framework for supporting First Generation Enterprises

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the UK supports programs to promote action on global issues in areas of strategic importance to the UK and India. FCO, through its Prosperity Fund Program, is focused on promoting sustainable global growth with the objective of long-term policy changes in key emerging economies. FCO is working with Intellecap to identify and advocate for conducive a policy framework for funding and supporting First Generation Enterprises.

Intellecap's Approach

Intellecap analyzed the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India with a focus on the experiences of First Generation Entrepreneurs. The study placed emphasis on enterprises that scale rapidly and generate large scale jobs in the economy. As part of the engagement, the Intellecap team interviewed entrepreneurs, regulators, investment funds, commercial banks and industry bodies to identify the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and potential policy interventions to improve the growth of First Generation ventures. Intellecap also conducted panel discussions and workshops to disseminate the findings of the study and gather inputs on potential areas for policy intervention.


Intellecap identified access to early-stage equity from angel investors and the need for innovative incubator models as key areas for policy interventions. Intellecap along with FCO is in the process of mobilizing various public fora for dissemination and advocacy of the recommended interventions.

Photo credit: Karthik Raman