Our Work

Case Studies: Sankalp Forum

Forus Health: Winner 2012 (Technology for Development)

Forus Health develops affordable technology solutions to make healthcare accessible to the BOP. The Company's core focus is preventing eye diseases among the underserved consumers through '3nethra', a low-cost portable pre-screening ophthalmology device. In 2012, Sankalp nominated Forus Health to the CNBC TV18 Samsung Innovation Quotient (SIQ) where the Company was selected as the winner from a pool of 100+ innovations. Forus received USD 10,000 as cash prize and an exclusive coverage on the Indian national television.

Green India Building Systems and Services (GIBSS): Winner 2012 (Clean Energy and Technology)

GIBSS seeks to create ‘Zero Net Energy Buildings’ - buildings that can harvest energy to meet their own demand. The Company provides geothermal, hot water cogeneration and lighting technologies that help buildings reduce operational costs by 60-80%. Such reduction and optimisation in demand will help make supply side solutions more affordable and commercially viable.

NationWideDocs: Finalist 2012 (Health, Water and Sanitation)

NationWideDocs aims to revive the age-old concept of 'family doctors' in India. The Company’s clinics focus on bridging the gap between the very fragmented General Practitioner (GP) services and highly expensive super-speciality hospital care in India. NationWideDocs creates a single-point of medical care for the patient's everyday healthcare needs through personalised GP and paediatric care to individuals, families, and corporate groups in the community.

Vaatsalya: Winner 2009 (Health, Water and Sanitation)

Vaatsalya provides affordable healthcare services through hospitals and clinics in semi-urban and rural areas. The Company created India's first hospital network focused on Tier II and Tier III towns. Vaatsalya received the Annual Sankalp Award in 2009 and since then has grown to become an organisation that employees 1,500 people offering 1,400 beds to patients in 17 locations in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and treats around 500,000 patients a year.