Our Work


Intellecap founded and provided early support to three companies promoting impact at the BOP.


IntelleCash is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) that Intellecap launched in 2008 to provide incubation services to start-up MFIs. IntelleCash has provided wholesale lending and capacity building services to MFIs in India, Africa, and Asia, and it currently operates its own retail lending program in Bihar. The 31 MFIs incubated by IntelleCash have disbursed micro-loans amounting to USD 125 million to over 700,000 borrowers. IntelleCash seeks to play an active role in the consolidation of the microfinance industry in India while continuing to provide value added operational and strategic consulting services to MFIs across the globe.

On September 14, 2012, IntelleCash announced that it had taken a majority stake in Arohan Financial Services (Arohan) and would consolidate the two businesses. Arohan, based in Kolkata, is one of the most respected MFIs in eastern India with a customer base of over 100,000 poor households. The IntelleCash/Arohan combination signals a clear trend toward consolidation in the microfinance industry in India.  READ MORE


IntelleGrow is an NBFC that Intellecap founded in 2012 in partnership with the Shell Foundation. IntelleGrow provides loans to young and emerging companies and seeks to pioneer venture debt financing in India. This segment of the financial services market is largely overlooked by banks and other formal sector lenders. IntelleGrow focuses on positively impacting lives and livelihoods at the BOP. IntelleGrow plans to provide skill enhancement and capacity building services to its Clients, along the lines of a successful model developed by Shell Foundation in Africa. Download Corporate Profile.

Intellecap Software Technologies Limited

Intellecap Software Technologies Limited (ISTPL) was organized by Intellecap in 2011 to provide software products and services to companies working at the BOP in Intellecap’s Focus Sectors.

ISTPL’s current products include Mostfit, an Open Source management information system for MFIs and FundForge, an Open Source investment management tool that helps impact investors track and manage progress against social, operational and financial metrics.